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We Are Thankful Thumbnail

We Are Thankful

This Thanksgiving season, we are thankful for many things, including Eugene Fama, a.k.a., "The Father of Modern Empirical Finance." Fama's Nobel winning work helps frame how markets are efficient. One of the implications for this is a de-emphasis on beating the market. In turn, we believe a smart pivot is to focus on returns net of fees and taxes.

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Social Security: Choosing When to Claim Thumbnail

Social Security: Choosing When to Claim

One of the most complex and important financial decisions you can make is when to claim Social Security. Here are some key points and considerations to think about when you should claim Social Security.

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The Boston Thesis Thumbnail

The Boston Thesis

The Boston Thesis is that Americans can fight debt and taxes, just as our revolutionary forefathers did, in order to create financial freedom which is key to actualizing life's goals.

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Undaunted Courage: Remember a Guide Thumbnail

Undaunted Courage: Remember a Guide

Sacagawea was one of many critically important guides for Lewis and Clark on their expedition. Financial planners can be today's critical guides helping people arrive safely at their destination of choice.

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Risk(s) Thumbnail


Risk is everywhere. There is risk in doing something and NOT doing something. We examine investing risk using research that illustrates clear strategies for managing risk and reward.

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