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Helping You Keep More of Your Wealth

When it Comes to Taxes, We Want to Be Proactive

Taxes should be viewed through the windshield, not the rear-view mirror. With an eye on the long view, you are fortified with a tax planning team, helping you identify liabilities and opportunities.

What’s Included

We travel a mile further than most advisors by providing professional preparation of tax returns. Our tax team includes a CPA that will become intimately aware of your situation, so taxes are never an afterthought.

Tax Planning 365 Days a Year

Tax preparation happens once per year, but in order to reduce drag in your portfolio, we embrace tax planning year round to enhance the bottom line.

Action on Tax Changes is Critical 

Most financial advisors tell you to ask your someone else about taxes.  At OnTrack, tax calculus is intrinsic to your plan and we relentlessly scan and capitalize on tax changes that affect clients.

Evolved Tax Preparation and Returns

Handing tax documents to a preparer a month or two before April 15 is too little, too late.  We go the extra mile with tax planning meetings in the fall and tax returns in the winter so you keep more of your hard-earned wealth.

For Many People, Taxes Represent One of Their Biggest Expenses

Integrating tax planning in your financial strategy is a critical part of a successful plan. To learn more about our tax services—and to see how we can help minimize your tax liability—contact our team.

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