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Services & Fees

Investment Management To Keep
You On Track

Control What You Can Control

Our investment management philosophy is razor focused on controlling key variables that produce superior net outcomes.  

Investment Variables That Can Be Controlled:

Risk Canton, MI OnTrack Wealth Management


We help guide clients on a disciplined journey that matches the proper mix of investment assets to fit your needs and goals.  We evaluate your appetite for risk on a continuum of aggressive to conservative to maximize risk adjusted returns that are right for you.

Cost Canton, MI OnTrack Wealth Management


Prices for different investment vehicles vary depending on amounts purchased, asset class, share class, etc.  Morningstar's annual fee study demonstrates how fees and costs are reliable predictors of future returns. Our investment recommendations focus on the best net returns not just gross returns which can easily cloud true performance. 

Taxes Canton, MI OnTrack Wealth Management


Simply put, taxes can and do extinguish investment returns without relentless examination and attention.  Our investment lens puts tax implications into focus from the inception of a financial plan all the way down to individual trades.  We are methodical about tax-adjusted returns that aim to keep as much of your investments as possible under tax law.

In Need of a Clear Plan for Your Finances?

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