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WELCOME to the You're OnTrack! Blog Thumbnail

WELCOME to the You're OnTrack! Blog

What do we hope to accomplish with this blog?

  1. We will look to engage our readers.   We will talk about retirement issues, tax planning, and estate planning.  We will use charts and visuals from partners like YCharts to enhance learning.  Last but not least, we will explore the mind of investors using disciplines like behavioral finance and financial therapy.
  2. We will educate but not bore our readers.  Boring is something that many associate with finance and there is already a great deal of “avoidance” money scripts held by people…so, we will work hard to educate but not put you to sleep!
  3. We will only blog about things that we think matter.  We plan to post several times per month, but we won’t write something unless we are passionate about it or believe it is something you should know more about.

Who is OnTrack Wealth Management?

We are a fee-only financial planning firm.  We exist to help people.  Often those people are planning for retirement and other life goals.  We work with families, professionals, and small businesses.

Who are the bloggers?

My name is Jeremy Whiddon.  I am one half of the ensemble team at OnTrack and the primary author of this blog.  I really have a passion for learning!  That passion should come across in this blog as we attempt to inform and educate our readers about a wide range of issues relevant to building, maintaining, spending, donating, and passing down wealth.

My business partner is Jim Burns, CFP® & CPA.  Jim’s knowledge and philosophies surrounding everything from investments to retirement planning and taxes are huge influences for this blog.  From time to time, Jim will be a guest blogger.

Once again, welcome to our blog, You’re OnTrack!

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